Dieter Rams

Co.Design currently has a little competition to see who is the worlds greatest living designer. The choices are between the different fields of architecture, graphic design, interactive design and product design. We’re at the last four…Massimo Vignelli, Ethan Marcotte, Frank Gehry…and the legendary German product designer Dieter Rams. Actually they are all pretty legendary. How does one choose…. In the meantime, enjoy this video from Rams’ talk at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London from 2009.

30 March 2014, 18:29

Details, details, details...

And the big picture. …so, I’m preparing a little printed booklet with my shipsass photos. And in the process I am getting a new perspective on printing photos with a high amount of detail (especially ones taken with my iPhone). And I’m feeling totally inspired by looking at photos by the amazing Andreas Gursky. Photo via JuneJoonJaxx.

3 February 2014, 13:12

Happy 2014 from Hong Kong!

A new year. But let’s look at what was before. Many years before. More specifically, 1947. Amazing images taken for Life Magazine. Quite apt since we went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty yesterday (Loved it!). Hope the new year takes you new places, brings happiness, prosperity and peace & love. See more photos here at Shanghaiist.

2 January 2014, 14:03

HK vs Paris

A HK bag vs a Paris bag. How does that work, you may ask. Well, there’s a cool, plastic shopping bag from Sheung Wan and there’s a very stylish “tote” from French fashion house Céline. But there are similarities, you see. In the pattern. And the shape. So it becomes HK vs Paris on so many levels. But there are also some differences. For example: Asia vs Europe. 11HK$ vs 1100US$ (or more). Plastic vs leather. Unknown vs brand.
I like them both. I have only one. Hong Kong! And I love it.

18 December 2013, 15:37


Plage Keller

Love, love, love Kenneth Blom’s paintings! We went to school together in Oslo way back in ’75 and reconnected on…guess what, Facebook. (Yes, it’s good for something.) Maybe one day I can hang one of his paintings on my wall… Check out more of his beautiful work here.

27 October 2013, 18:13

Kenneth Blom

Not just for Halloween

Skulls are no longer just for Halloween or Day of the Dead. In fact skulls seem to be everywhere these days. Perhaps slightly over-used!? But I still love them. It’s badass mixed with science. Pirates x anatomy. This necklace is from Venessa Arizaga. The Nikes are always badass!

20 October 2013, 14:01



I absolutely adore the work of Jay Howell and would love this drawing on my wall! I could’t help but steal the description of the artist himself from Fecal Face…. Jay Howell is an all around kind of dude that lives in Los Angeles with photographer girlfriend Ruth Swanson and a dog named Street Dog. When he’s not illustrating for Vans or drawing skateboards he can be seen on the streets fuckin’ around and sayin’ classic shit. Jay designed the main characters for Fox’s hit show, “Bob’s Burgers”. He is currently working as an Executive Producer, Co-Creator and Art Director on “Sanjay and Craig” an animated children’s show for Nickelodeon.

20 October 2013, 08:10


Yoshitomo Nara

I love the work of artists like Cy Twombly, Francesco Clemente, Sol Lewitt…. And then along comes Yoshitomo Nara. Love, love, love and more love. The little people in his drawings are totally badass despite the surface sweetness…. Image from Paddle8.

11 October 2013, 13:25


Autumn Converse

It seems everyone in Hong Kong is wearing Converse Chuck Taylor’s (and probably everywhere else too)…but they are cute. And comfortable. And it’s possible to wear them and look utterly Parisian chic. Like the lovely lady in this photo…by Tommy Ton for Style.

10 October 2013, 06:48

Parisian chic converse

Getting personal

For years I have loved monogrammed stuff. I used to embroider my son’s name on his shirts and pyjamas. This summer I designed and sewed a dress and embroidered my name on the shoulder (more like a minimal tattoo than a monogram). So of course when Louis Vuitton came out with their personalised monogrammed bags and luggage a couple of years ago, I was smitten. I still don’t have my very own, but I can pretend by playing around on the website!

6 October 2013, 07:35

LV personal

Colourful Carlyne

The beautiful and stylish Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele, French stylist supreme, wears colour so well! Makes me want a new colourful coat for the autumn (even though we won’t be wearing any coats for quite some time still here in Hong Kong). Photo via Le 21ème.

8 September 2013, 15:39

Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele