My cats - part 1

Two out of three of our cats. Jeffrey, Chinese, originally from Aberdeen in Hong Kong. Has moved up in the world, from fish market cat to King of Mo Tat Wan. Special characteristics: No tail, very brave, fights dogs, epitome of cool. Annika, Spanish, originally from Barcelona. Came to Hong Kong and has adapted really well to island life. Special characteristics: Beautiful, has no balance, does not know how to hunt due to kitten years spent indoors in Barcelona, claws on the sofa when she wants to go outside, sleeps more than most. (Molly…she’s all black, so hard to photograph… Coming soon.)

13 July 2014, 17:54


Not in favour of fur, but love this image nevertheless. The colours. The graffiti. The nonchalance. The style. Not to mention the insanely beautiful, vibrant, yellow bag! Makes me happy on this June morning!
The photo is of Caroline de Maigret in a Fendi fur coat. Photo via Jak & Jil

23 June 2014, 11:40


My beautiful mamma. 8 years without her. Not a day goes by without me missing her. Not a day goes by without loving her. For all the things she did for me. Not least just being there for me when I needed it the most. Here she is visiting my brother in India in 2001 – doing two things she really loved: traveling and hanging out with animals. Love love love you forever.

22 May 2014, 10:24

17 May! Happy Norwegian National Day!

200 years ago today in 1814, Norway dissolved its union with Denmark to establish its own constitution. So today we celebrate Norway. Gratulerer med dagen! The photo is taken in Johannesburg in 1972 where we lived at the time.

17 May 2014, 10:42

New #shipsass blog

I’ve got so many #shipsass photos that I decided to put quite a few of them online – letting you see more than what’s on both Instagram and what will later be in a zine that I am planning. The #shipsass blog will be updated regularly with new photos. Go take a look!

12 May 2014, 17:24

Hong Kong neon signs

Hong Kong is full of amazing and beautiful signs. Possibly one of those things that define Hong Kong to the rest of the world… These are all taken in the district of Wanchai on Hong Kong Island just yesterday.

2 May 2014, 21:14

Sunset from above

A couple of months ago I took a trip back to Norway for a week. Somewhere over Central Asia we flew into the sunset giving me some spectacular photos!

30 April 2014, 20:29


Every spring there are several dates to remember. My mother’s, father’s, grandmother’s passing. Their birthdays. Although I miss them every day, these are days when I am reminded even more that they are not here. I am however lucky enough to still have my mother’s cousin Willie around (second from the right in this photo) – and he has the most incredible memory…always telling amazing stories about my family. In this photo (Norway 1960s I think) from left to right: my grandfather Beppe, my maternal grandmother Astrid, my mother, Willie and unknown lady…(Willie will know, I’m sure!). Family!!! Love!!!

26 April 2014, 13:23

Paula Scher maps

One of my favourite graphic designers, Paula Scher from Pentagram, has made these beautiful paintings. As well as being exhibited at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, there is also a stunning book showing more maps. All around, Pentagram does some of the best work in graphic design and art direction. Taking notes and getting inspired…

23 April 2014, 20:03

When the bin becomes an object of desire

Vipp bins are kind of famous. And old. And even in a museum (The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York since 2009). It’s a classic! The Vipp bin was designed by Danish designer Holger Nielsen in 1939. Apparently he designed it for his wife’s hair salon when money was tight…

21 April 2014, 14:50

Dieter Rams

Co.Design currently has a little competition to see who is the worlds greatest living designer. The choices are between the different fields of architecture, graphic design, interactive design and product design. We’re at the last four…Massimo Vignelli, Ethan Marcotte, Frank Gehry…and the legendary German product designer Dieter Rams. Actually they are all pretty legendary. How does one choose…. In the meantime, enjoy this video from Rams’ talk at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London from 2009.

30 March 2014, 20:29

Details, details, details...

And the big picture. …so, I’m preparing a little printed booklet with my shipsass photos. And in the process I am getting a new perspective on printing photos with a high amount of detail (especially ones taken with my iPhone). And I’m feeling totally inspired by looking at photos by the amazing Andreas Gursky. Photo via JuneJoonJaxx.

3 February 2014, 14:12

Happy 2014 from Hong Kong!

A new year. But let’s look at what was before. Many years before. More specifically, 1947. Amazing images taken for Life Magazine. Quite apt since we went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty yesterday (Loved it!). Hope the new year takes you new places, brings happiness, prosperity and peace & love. See more photos here at Shanghaiist.

2 January 2014, 15:03

HK vs Paris

A HK bag vs a Paris bag. How does that work, you may ask. Well, there’s a cool, plastic shopping bag from Sheung Wan and there’s a very stylish “tote” from French fashion house Céline. But there are similarities, you see. In the pattern. And the shape. So it becomes HK vs Paris on so many levels. But there are also some differences. For example: Asia vs Europe. 11HK$ vs 1100US$ (or more). Plastic vs leather. Unknown vs brand.
I like them both. I have only one. Hong Kong! And I love it.

18 December 2013, 16:37